120 Decibel Portable Emergency Alarm

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Brand: BASU Ealarm
BASU Ealarm
The original eAlarm is intended for urban use, such as commuting on public transit. The eAlarm+ is intended for outdoor use, such as hiking or camping. The eAlarmGPS is intended for those who may require professional emergency response.
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION America's #1 Trusted Emergency Alarm - USE IN ANY EMERGENCY Permitted on Airplanes in Carry On Luggage Patented B A S U SmartPin™ Technology: Riveted pin design helps prevent Accidental Activation Complimentary Warranty & 24/7/365 Customer Support Free Batteries Included: Replaceable Long-Lasting Lithium Metal CR1632, 5+ Yrs Shelf-Life HOW IT WORKS: Pull the black pin to activate the alarm. Re-insert the pin to deactivate the alarm. COMMON USES: Personal Alarm, Criminal Deterrent, Acoustic Animal Repellent, Rescue Signal, Portable Alarm, Survival Kit​. Use in Any Emergency
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