7 Critical Survival Skills To Keep You Alive In An Emergency

1 – Finding and Purifying Water

In most survival situations, water is first.

Why? Because water quickly becomes a player. If not immediately, at least within the first 24 hours.

The human body makeup is 60% water and it requires constant rehydration. Human tissue is saturated with water.

  • Water protects and lubricates our internal joints, ligaments, and muscles.
  • Water is the primary constituent of our blood. It carries oxygen and nutrients from our lungs and digestive tract to the cells of the body.
  • The power that drives the pumping action for our heart is an electrical impulse. These pulses are derived from electrolytes dissolved in the water.
  • Your brain tissue also requires water to keep neurons and synapses functioning properly.

The human body is designed to carry a specific percentage of water in its tissues. If the percentage of water carried becomes less than normal, dehydration is occurring.

Dehydration is what drives us to the water fountain.

Thirst can best be described as a dryness of the mouth. The mouth relies heavily on water saturation. To the point of being perpetually wet. The mouth continually produces saliva from the water in its tissues.

So the first sign of dehydration is through the mouth. The dryness we sense indicates an out of balance water situation developing.

Which is the human condition we call Thirst.

Often people are busy with some task and ignore this first thirst warning. Instead, putting off a trip to the water fountain or the kitchen sink.

The second warning the body gives is a mild headache which will continue to get worse and worse over time.

Other dehydration symptoms include:

  • reduced urinary output
  • lethargy
  • the inability to perspire or produce tears
  • nausea
  • rapid heart rate
  • tingling of the skin
  • high body temperatures
  • hallucinations
  • heat exhaustion
  • eventually death

Not having the ability to find and purify water is of primary concern when one finds themselves in a survival scenario.

The dehydration process begins the moment you are lost, hurt and in need of rescue.

Plus in survival, you’ll have to increase your excursion and exposure, so you will dehydrate faster than normal.

So it’s of utmost importance to find, purify, filter and drink water continuously when in survival mode.

I realize it’s an overused cliche to say;

“It could mean the difference between life and death”.

But in the case of finding water in a survival situation; it’s both profound and accurate.

It’s about time you mastered this essential survival skill and acquire the right survival water filtration tools.