Explorer is not just a retail store; it's an Experiential Shop. Explorer offers you a diverse choice of different outdoor gear for climbing, hiking, travelling, camping, adventure lifestyle, 4WD expeditions and more. We source the best gear locally and internationally.

We live the experience too. We organise overland expeditions where every participant is able to broaden their horizons by experiencing foreign culture through your own eyes.

Explorer Outfitter organizes outdoor workshops to spread knowledge, skills and our love for an outdoor lifestyle where enthusiasts can learn how to set up camping tents, how to set up fires, how to perform CPR, tie knots and other useful skills. We show value for money, by offering you "above average quality products, for below average price". We are more than just a store; we promote the benefits of outdoor oriented recreation, encouraging happier and healthier lifestyle! Explore with us

Our Culture

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
We are driven by our passion. We love the great outdoors. At Explorer, we believe it is important to deliver our Explorer Experiential Model, which consists of: Education Workshop > Experiential Type > Associate Organizer > Suitable Equipment Selection > Sharing Experience "3'E - Educate, Equip, Explore"