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Kovea Hard 12 - a set of light cooking utensils made of aluminum with cold anodizing, designed for 10-12 people. In a pan set with 8.5, 4.2, 2.8 and 1.8 liter covers, frying pan, stainless steel kettle, 5 plates, 7 pial, colander, scoop, folding ladle. Anodized aluminum has a higher thermal conductivity - food is prepared much faster. Manufacturer Korea Артикул KSK-WH10 (VKK-SH12) Characteristics Weight 3.5 kg Dimensions 255x255x240 mm Number of persons: 10-12 Materials Aluminum, Stainless Steel Cold Anodizing Coating Equipment Hanging pot with lid 8500 ml Casserole with lid 4200 ml Casserole with lid 2800 ml Casserole with lid 1800 ml Teflon frying pan Kettle Colander Plastic bowl 7 pieces Plastic plate 5 pieces Folding ladle Scapula Pouch for transportation
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