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Trekking backpack Millet Khumbu 55 + 10 liters Largest bag in the Khumbu family Millet, this bag big very durable for the port such as a trek around Mont Blanc. . It is indestructible thanks to its 1000 D material Kodura. The strength is a key aspect in Millet for volumes of such importance. MORE INFO We distinguish: 1 bottom compartment with closure, fine and precise. 1 direct access to the main volume, bellows side pockets, as well as mesh pockets, everything is stored in its place. A skirt with hat and be pulled compression strap, increases the master volume. The hat, removable, becomes small extra bag. But it will be noticed mainly its excellent features of portage, undeniable comfort. I choose to - long treks - distant trips - the multitude of its compartments Backpack designed for trekking  Volume Trekking extensible. 2 removable flap be pulled loops, compression sealing skirt +  Double zipped compartment, zipped suitcase Access  2 zippered side pockets with bellows, 2 mesh pockets  2 zipped front pockets, three zip pockets + keyring  Pole holder, ice ax holder, side compression, bag bottom straps  Compatible hydration, Rain Cover  Padded shoulder straps, load transfers, strap-chest, palm rest  Double adjustable padded belt with zippered pockets  N 420D Honey Comb  1000 N D Kodura  3D Mesh Back Capacity: 55 + 10 L Weight: 2.2 kg BACK TCS ™ H: 41/48 cm
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