Start Your Fire Outdoor

What You Will Need

· Small Sticks

· Dry Grass/Leaves

· Lighter/Matches (Optional)

· Knife (Optional)

· Logs

· Water

· Large Rocks/Fire pit (Optional)

· Axe (Optional)

· Shovel (Optional)

· Protective Gloves/ Glasses

Step 1: Clear a Circular Space on the Ground.

Dig up any grass with the shovel so the circle is mainly dirt. The circle size depends on how big the desired fire is. For a large fire, clear a larger space and gather more logs, sticks, and dry grass/leaves. For a small fire, clear a smaller space and gather less supplies.

Step 2: Line the Circular Space With Large Rocks.

This helps to contain the fire, as well as keeping it insulated within the wall of rocks.


Step 3: Place the Small Sticks and Twigs in the Circular Space As a Platform.

The twigs and sticks are the kindling for the fire. This is the base for the fire and will catch a flame after the tinder gets a spark.

Step 5: Light the Fire With a Lighter or Matches.

Gradually add more kindling to the fire and blow on it to create more heat.

Step 6: Begin Placing Logs Around the Fire in Desired Arrangement.

For this example, we will build a square of logs stacked about two logs high. In the middle of the square, construct a teepee shape with other logs. This arrangement allows a lot of airflow through the structure. It is important that oxygen can get through because it is needed to keep the fire going.

Step 7: Keep an Eye on the Fire Throughout the Night.

When putting out the fire, throw some water on it to fully extinguish any hot embers that could possibly start another flame.